Terra Natural Resources GmbH

A company with appreciation for natural resources

TNR GmbH has the sole international sales rights for the world’s largest deposit of Alginit in Gérce, Hungary. The primary target markets of TNR GmbH are the arid and semiarid zones in the world such as in the Near-and Middle East, North Africa and Asia.



Switzerland traditionally is an international focal trading place for raw materials. In order to take advantage of this business branch, TNR GmbH maintains an independent subsidiary in Switzerland, the TNR GmbH, NL Pfäffikon. This office is responsible for sales and marketing of “Alginit from Gérce” internationally.

Our sales specialists there will provide you with advisory service and try to comply with your individual wishes. They have the necessary experience and special knowledge about the usage and application of Alginit.

TNR’s high priorities are the careful use of natural resources, limitation of transportation efforts and risks and to guarantee fast and smooth deliveries on high quality standards worldwide. Please contact our specialists!

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Research & Development

Research & Development (R&D)

TNR’s Research & Development department is located in Bonn, Germany. The long term relationship and R&D cooperation with the University of Bonn proved as an ideal place for this function.

Main task of this department is research in the manifold potentials of the natural raw material Alginit. In addition, R&D runs and supports various test and reference areas, trains sales specialists and international representatives, acquires new research partners and provides special customer advice.

Main working areas of the R&D department are:

  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Agriculture
  • Combat desertification
  • Forestry
  • Water management - quality
  • New applications